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What to bring

Recommended Clothing

  • Layering is recommended e.g. T-Shirt + Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt + Coat (cotton is best as nylon can sweat)
  • A warm coat & riding gloves
  • Stretch material is best leg cover for ease of getting in and out of the saddle
  • Pantyhose are suggested for wearing underneath jeans to prevent chaffing
  • Flat sole riding boots are necessary for safety (runners and sports shoes are not safe)
  • A good wide brimmed hat and or a helmet (helmet hire is included in package – sizes small, medium and large)

Overnight Camp Necessities

  • A very warm swag, blankets/sleeping bag (temperatures can get very cold at 2am)
  • Pillow
  • Tents are also okay if you prefer more privacy
  • Tarp for under your swag if there is heavy dew
  • Torch (head torch suggested) & Insect Repellent
  • Ear plugs (if you are a light sleeper!)


  • Baby wipes. These make a great substitute bath/wash for an evening or early morning freshen up
  • Water bottle which can be tied to your saddle or a camel pack (available from camping stores)
  • Lip balm, sunscreen and sun glasses
  • Our provided saddles are stock saddles and fit most people. You are welcome to bring your own saddle, however our horses will not cope with the back straps on some saddles – they could be renamed “buck straps.”
  • If you can play a musical instrument, bring it along
  • Camera (We will have a resident photographer on the ride)
  • General luggage is to be stored in soft duffel bags only. Hard suitcases are not permitted.
  • Luggage on horseback should be kept to a minimum. A bum bag is suggested or alternatively a small backpack, however you will need to dismount in order to add/remove items from it.
  • Mobile phone reception on the ride ranges from sketchy to non-existent. There is no facility for charging your phone, so please bring a spare battery.