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Regional stories

The Outback is part of the fabric of Queensland’s identity and encompasses the vast interior of the state. Covering an area the size of several small European countries it’s pretty a hard place to define. Gulf country, wetlands and waterholes, lush savannah, pockmarked lunar landscapes, red desert sand dunes and cattle stations so big you’ll need to pack breakfast, lunch and dinner just to visit the neighbours… it’s a big place, full of big characters and big history. You can follow in the footsteps of dinosaurs, grab a beer in a grand old hotel or party with the locals at bush races. And there’s always a sense of connection to the history and heritage of a country forged in this intriguing region. It’s a place where the pace of life slows down and you can really connect with the locals. They’ve got the time and they’ve certainly got plenty of stories. Make a promise to visit the Outback and we promise you’ll find an Aussie experience you will never forget. Find out more regional stories on the Outback Queensland website