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Past visitor stories

  • It was the best adventure I’ve ever done. The wonderful folk of Aramac were admirable and of course the wonderful Chrissie and Deanne. Everything was perfect and fantastic.
  • Fabulous way to experience the Outback, as long as you come with an open mind a good sense of humour! I believe that the group dynamics really make or break a trip like this and I was very lucky to have shared my trip with a great bunch of people!! A BIG WIDE LOAD OF THANKS TO EVERYONE!
  • I had the best time. Fulfilled a dream I have had since childhood. Everyone was so lovely, helpful, and very professional.. I loved it and will be returning, hopefully next year.Thank you everyone for making it so memorable.
  • One of the best things I have ever done in my life!
  • The people were friendly, loved the solitude, food excellent, loved Hot Lips…. My type of living??
  • Loved everything about the cattle drive, I will be back again.
  • The HRCD fulfilled my expectations in so many ways; I rode a horse for the first time. I experienced a section of an authentic Cattle Drive, as a drover. I was able to work with cattle. Cattle were in good condition, quiet and it was evident they had been handled well by the owners. I loved watching the dogs work the cattle. The weather was delightful autumn weather. Our group of people were supportive, happy and considerate. I enjoyed the “up front directions” (clear and precise) in managing self and horse. Thanks Chrissie and Ann. Caught a bull faced finch in the mid air while sitting on horse! Not sure who received the biggest fright – finch or me!! Sang to the cattle as they grazed. Transported to and from the HRCD with no fuss, but consideration and safety. Loved the fact that all the people looking after us were volunteers – THANKS! Loved our beautiful country!