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Outback experience attracts international interest

Media Release: 29 May 2014

The 2014 Harry Redford Cattle Drive wrapped up on Sunday the 25th May with the last of the guest drovers heading home after a fun filled three weeks in the outback.

This year’s Drive, which has become an iconic, international event attracting people from around Australia, the UK and New Zealand, had 110 participants.

Harry Redford Cattle Drive Steering Committee Chairman Gary Peoples said the event is a bucket list adventure for many guest drovers and for some is a way for them to relive their ancestor’s lives as drovers in Western Queensland.

“This year we had one lady crazy enough to join us for the entire trip, 19 days of riding!” she said.

Petrina Hayward from Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory was born in Aramac and her father Terry Hayward was a drover.

“She decided to join the drive as she wanted to understand what it was like for her father but also as a horse rider wanted to improve her riding ability and confidence on a horse,” said Gary.

Jane McBrien travelled all the way from Surrey in the UK to participate as she wanted, ‘a unique Aussie Outback adventure, something different to the norm.

“I had been on horseback adventures before in other countries but the thought of droving 800 head of cattle through the vast Australian Outback with authentic drovers was too good an opportunity to pass up. It lived up to the authentic experience that I thought I would be,” said Jane.

The Drive provides a welcome boost to Aramac’s local economy and is a fantastic opportunity for the locals to celebrate with the visitors.

“Our local community members recognise the value of the event to our town and this is demonstrated by the number of people who volunteer to help ensure the Drive is a success,” said Gary.

“The involvement of our volunteers is what makes the Drive such a real, unique experience. Without them it wouldn’t be the great success it is.

“Our volunteers are involved because they enjoy meeting the guest drovers and sharing our outback lifestyle with them.

“We can’t thank them enough, because without them there wouldn’t be a Harry Redford Cattle Drive,” Gary said.



The Harry Redford Cattle Drive runs each year over 19 days, this year with a herd of around 780 head of cattle travelling 200 kilometres from Lake Dunn, through Aramac to Barcaldine and back to Myross.

The event relives one of the greatest cattle duffing drives carried out by the infamous Harry Redford, commonly known as Captain Starlight, who stole around 1,000 head of cattle from the Aramac area and drove them over 800 miles to South Australia. The path he took opened up unchartered territory and is now known as the Strzelecki Track.


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