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What to expect

Cattle Droving by Day

  • You will be riding as part of a real cattle drive with experienced Outback drovers who will guide you along this well worn route.
  • The full cattle drive takes 13 days and you will select a package which will allow you to experience a section of this ride ranging from 4 to 5 days each.
  • Your average daily rides will range between 10 and 18 kms per day, so be prepared for some tender spots! If you find you are getting a little ‘saddle sore,’ you can have a turn riding in the “chuck wagon.”
  • Horses are suited to the rider and will be changed regularly as horses need to be spelled (rested).
  • A ride orientation will be provided and beginners will learn how to saddle and care for their horse on the ride.


  • All meals (breakfast, morning smoko, lunch, afternoon smoko and evening meal) on the drive are provided.
  • Lunch is provided from the back of the “chuck” wagon and smokos are taken at suitable stops along the drive.
  • Breakfast and dinner will be at the campsite.

About the campsite

  • We generally aim to arrive at our overnight campsite just on dusk and we depart early the next morning around 5.00am.
  • You are responsible for setting up your own Swag and it is recommended that you lay a tarp underneath to protect you from early morning dew.
  • A bush toilet with privacy walls will be at each campsite.
  • There is no shower. We recommend bringing along baby wipes for personal hygiene.
  • Mobile phone coverage ranges between limited and non-existent and there is no facility for recharging phones on the drive. A back up battery is recommended.
  • Each campsite will be equipped with an emergency satellite phone.
  • All campsite meals are prepared and served by our qualified cooks.
  • Beer, wine and soft drink is available for purchase.  A docket book will be provided for you to record your purchases. Payment will be settled at the end of the ride.